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Power of Story pt. 5: Tools for Mentoring and Sharing

Power of Story pt. 5: Tools for Mentoring and Sharing

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As adults, story telling becomes a sacred vehicle toward building mutually beneficial relationships of shared maintenance and increase. Ironically, we've also earned enough insight and experience that we begin to balance the sharing of our gifts with the power and value a presence only available through silence. 

Learn to discern the razors edge between the gifts you carry and the impact you have as both giver and receiver of shared story. Learn to determine the critical elements of connection needed to develop healthy, sustainable story lines with diverse perspectives. Recognize also, the indicators of knowing when to love enough to walk away, when to leave space for individual discovery, and when to be present with a listening ear.

At this level, the story teller is as much a character in the shared experience as the other powerful and vibrant characters.

Time: Tuesday evening 6.00 - 9:30pm

Limit: 12 Students

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 16 years

Course location:-

Maine Primitive Skills School, 716 Church Hill Road, Augusta, ME 04330  

Tel: +1 207-623-7298     email: staff@primitiveskills.com