"When wilderness is home, there is no wilderness"

Power of Story pt. 4: Story for Self Maintenance

Power of Story pt. 4: Story for Self Maintenance

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When we leave the nest the world is a giant adventure to be explored. We find out which tools work and which fall flat. We discover new people, new ways of expression and new challenges. Some where on this journey we discover ourselves with more clarity. We also discover that the dishes have to get done, the bills have to be paid, and agreements are important. It is also the time when lonliness can let us know it is time to move to the next phase, from "young adult" to the fullness of our being.

The stories shared in this workshop are about recognizing, respecting, and working with this energy of wandering and self-maintenance. The stories we share as used as diagnostic tools for growth and wellness. They also offer possible "next steps" in the evolutionary process of a whole human being.

Time: Tuesday evening 6.00 - 9:30pm

Limit: 12 Students

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 16 years

Course location:-

Maine Primitive Skills School, 716 Church Hill Road, Augusta, ME 04330  

Tel: +1 207-623-7298     email: staff@primitiveskills.com