"When wilderness is home, there is no wilderness"

Gap Year: Wild Foraging and Herbalism Week

Gap Year: Wild Foraging and Herbalism Week

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“Gap years should be the norm, not the exception. An increasingly ugly secret of campus life is that a mix of helicopter parenting and social media has rendered many 18-year-olds unfit for college. Ninety percent of kids who defer and take a gap year return to college and are more likely to graduate, with better grades.”

Scott Galloway

Discover or re-invent who you are by exploring your passions. If you are in a state of transition, desire clarity, or just need to get a different perspective, a week long gap year experience can provide you the freedom to explore a different culture built around your interests. You will make life long friendships, gain insights regarding your own internal landscape and bring clarity to important decisions in each Gap Year area of interest.

Knowing how to recognize, harvest, propagate, and prepare the plants that surround us for food medicine and fiber deepens are sense of healthy connection to the land and ourselves.

Time: 9.00 Sat. - Noon Fri.

Limit: 12 Students

Deposits transferable but non-refundable

Minimum Age: 16 years

Course location:-

Maine Primitive Skills School, 716 Church Hill Road, Augusta, ME 04330